Review (movie): Mary Kom

In spite of being a girl I wasn’t really interested in the movie, may be a hangover of patriarchal mindsets around me. I heard people saying what kind of ‘silly’, ‘useless’ movies are being produced these days. These people where the male chauvinists who find it silly when a female oriented movie appears on screen. They are only interested in seeing her in steamy scenes, item numbers or their most favorite an ‘obedient family bahu’. She isn’t supposed to have her dreams or aspire to serve the nation in any sense.

A fine example of my conviction is a dearth of crowd I saw while watching the movie “Mary Kom” in spite of running for mere 5 days from now. However the situation was extremely opposite when I saw a series of housefuls when a similar genre movie was released much before this movie. The difference is not because of directors, producers, banners or star cast, the difference lies in the orient. The former movie talks of a female while the latter is based upon a male.

It really hurts to digest the thought that a female sportsperson isn’t famous enough even after gathering gold medals around the world, that too in a sport like boxing which is known to be a male domain. However a male sportsperson is a star celeb. This poignant issue comes to light even in the movie. While travelling in a bus with her husband, Mary is talking to a father-daughter duo. They talk of Mary kom but haven’t seen her. It may be in statistics but people at large are oblivious of her presence.

The story line for me is an epic. It reinstated the fact how being a female is a boon and a bane at the same time. Boon because she has the power to give birth which a male can never have. But a bane otherwise. A movie based on a sportsmen’s extreme endeavor as a road to his success is an inspiration. But a movie based on a sportswoman’s struggle to fight her family, then society, then coach, then marital life, motherhood And perseverance is certainly a soul inflaming inspiration.

Mary kom played by Priyanka Chopra in the movie was a sheer mark of excellence. She truly had the power to stir people from their comfort zones. This happened to me for the first time that while watching a movie I felt restless. My body was as if in tune with her. I was in a to and fro motion while sitting. I felt the blows on her face and her success and tears. Such was the magic.

The movie is very well laid in contemporary times when career oriented females are on rise. However while eavesdropping many a times I realized the stagnant mindsets of our Indian society which deems it as an evil. It is so because she has started living her dreams and is no more engrossed in the tastes of buds. People are looking for housewives now, as an independent women would be assertive and would put herself before her family, causing havoc. Well, the scenario is quite opposite in the movie and real life of Mary Kom. She followed her heart’s desire when it was necessary to do so, while initiating her first struggle from her home. She married when it was the right time. She gave birth to twins even after giving a pause to her career which was on its peak. She became a good daughter, wife and mother. What about her dream? It was lost in this new born world.

But it was the support of her husband which brought her back in the ring. This again is uncommon. People don’t feel a women is strategic enough to handle everything and demean her from reaching heights. They forget that a little support will pave the way for her successful career and family life. This support was a gift to Mary Kom and is a desire for women struck in four walls. If not society at least he who takes seven vows to protect and keep her happy, can employ his support keeping those in mind. This is the threshold where a women stands. If her husband lends her a hand she can turn a stone into a rose. If not she herself is merely a stone.

This movie is a two-fold inspiration for females to dream, and live and die fulfilling their dream; and males to lend them a hand who left herself at her maternal home and undergoes a re-birth only to serve him well. Only then can a nation produce a Mary Kom, a Kalpana Chawla, a Sanya Mirza and so on to serve the nation and assert the power of womanhood.

Some lines from Maya Angelou’s poem came to my mind while watching the movie:

“You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise”

Would love to have you back!

Would love to have you back