Sometimes I am more human..

Sometimes I feel like dancing, or crying, or laughing, or angry, or rebellious, or ambitious, or passionate, without any reason. Thankfully not one of these emotions lasts for long, while some other emotion comes toppling the previous one down. I feel too much human, too full of emotions.

Sometimes, I feel brave to do things and cry afterward. Sometimes, I feel I am here for a good reason, rather a great one. To lead an extraordinary life. For I will do something great one day and make people realize my worth. Those who scorn me, talk behind my back would come and look and get amazed seeing something different in something they have been long accustomed to look at.

Sometimes, I just feel null, a total zero. So low as if I would want a Godly man to hide me in his arms and ask nothing, just keep on repeating

I am here to stay

Sometimes, it feels so negative as if I will be alone in life and have only me by my side. While sometimes I feel brave enough to feel its better to live alone, travel the world and sleep beneath the stars. At other times, I want someone to count the stars with me.

Sometimes, life feels complete and no other happiness is required. At other times the same situation feels ordinary and every day. Someone who is with you when you least expected him to be, is away when you were sure of his presence beside you.

Sometimes, you are passionate and want to rule the world and dump all those who didn’t believe in yo. But, sometimes you see yourself as a leaf on which many different footprints are visible.

Sometimes and most of the times, You feel alien and a misfit in this crowded world and realize you have nobody but yourself at your disposal. Sometimes it is a sad thought and at other times it makes you brave…

Would love to have you back!

Would love to have you back