A Blind man opened my eyes

I don’t have a car.

I wish I could travel the world but I don’t have that much money.

I wish I could also have a flawless skin, oh and hair? A bit shinier and smoother.

And please can I have a Kylie Jenner in me? That’s it for now.

Aren’t we all like this?? Wanting one more and one more and cribbing about what god has given to others but not us? Greedy, yes that is what defines us.

Already late for my 8:30 bus, I ran when the clock stuck 8:23. I would have woken up early but bless god for my warm sleep, that I couldn’t. On the way I prayed, asking god to not let me miss my bus, just one more favour please, please. My footsteps matched my lips as I walked and ran. They could only rest when I finally reached before the bus could leave me. Looking up I winked at god thanking him for saving me yet again. Having a mischievous smile inside my heart which said, oh I think I would repeat that tomorrow.

While I was talking to my head and my heart (where god actually resides) I noticed someone walking past me. With slow steps he was treading the earth as if to find something. His long white stick was knocking the earth as if asking whether to turn left or right or walk straight ahead. While I immersed myself in his persona, I forgot to see the swarm of vehicles moving towards him. He was almost walking towards them and amongst them. Fear gripped me and I gripped him. Holding his arm, I tried to move him in another direction and walked him as far as I could go and set him free. After moving in that direction for a few meters, he lost direction again. While I ran again for him, another man near him, held him for me. At the same time, my bus arrived.

As I sat down, I felt an ache in my heart which soon reached my eyes. I had every thing, I was blessed. One of the things I deeply cherish is the grey clouds bursting with rain, the chirpy birds fighting on a branch of a tree, the orange yellow sun in the evening. And he would never experience that even if he could pray day and night for it. And I couldn’t even thank god this time, because I was ashamed of my profanities

Would love to have you back!

Would love to have you back