Who are you?

An endless endeavor to find meaning

of sleepless nights, full of dreams

dreams that keep you afloat between light and dark.

What are you made of? Why did you come?

is something special in you? Is your craft unique?

finding answers in the ocean deep

looking for a shining star.

The squid whisks away and you follow

only to find yourself lost

your identity changes with the rising sun

though sleeps in the same body everyday.

You have no-name, you are unfamiliar, uncertain.

You are here but not here

you want this, but wait… you don’t

just sure of one thing, you are more than something.

Your body is a shrine for your mind

dreams are the air it breathes

heart is the only map there is,

on an endless road to discovery.

Would love to have you back!

Would love to have you back