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I am Sonika, a writer and an anthropologist and/or qualitative researcher

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A rainy day- dog on my lap and a book

Sometimes you have mental blocks- unsatisfied life, unmet goals but no road to follow

A pilgrimage of self-reflection with Paulo Coehlo

Many of my articles have begun as a result of a good movie or a good book. Yes, that is the kind of connection sometimes you build with a book or a movie or should I say vice versa?  Today I am in the midst of my favourite writer Paulo Coelho’s autobiographical novel by Juan […]

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I am a thinker, a strategist, an explorer and always on road to something ‘new’. I choose struggle over comfort, even if it means carving a road for yourself. On this ‘short’ journey called life, I want to know, learn, grow as much as possible that is why I don’t align myself to a field and allow a multivariate perspective to lead my being.! Read more

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